Our most frequent questions and answers

Digital transformation solution is taking a current business process and improving the way it runs in your business through automation and digitisation. We bring together modern process and technologies for the purpose of streamlining and improving your business.

SolBox has worked with many software vendors over the years but as of today 90% of our offering is internal purpose built platforms, our software teams are based in Australia, we specialise in a skill set which allows us to deliver industry specific and custom solution integrations.

SolBox Solutions are designed for any business who would like to stay ahead of their game using technology. We offer a consultative approach to understand where we can help, from a simple GPS tracking solution to an end to end all encompassing integrated workflow solution we will recommend where your business should start.

The software and services we provide are fit for purpose and presented within a business case depending on the business needs, this means that we are able to deliver affordable solutions to all size businesses with no upfront expenditure.

Request a free health check by clicking here and a friendly team member can come out and discuss how we can help, and who else in your industry we have helped before.

SolBox understands that business can be challenging at times, we pride ourselves on being your technology partner, ensuring we understand your challenges and business goals. SolBox will identify the short and long term outcomes and work together to drive sustainable business. One size does not fit all.