covid-19 update

COVID-19: A message from our director

As an Aussie business, we’re hurting for those hit hard by the impact of COVID-19 – especially the hospitality sector.

In less than a week our country’s business landscape has become virtually unrecognisable and new restrictions have forced many business owners to adapt in ways they’d never considered, just to keep their businesses afloat.

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future of fleet management

Driving efficiencies: the future of fleet management

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is king. Inefficient processes lead to stalled productivity, reduced profits and stagnated growth. With over two million fleet vehicles in circulation Australia-wide, this is especially true for fleet managers.

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How 5G Will Change Your Small Business

The promise of 5G is that it will finally usher in the era of gigabit speeds for everyone. While most of the consumer market thinks about being able to download games and movies in seconds, there are some big implications for small business as well.

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Driving up patient care with logistics

No fleet of vehicles is easy to manage, but healthcare fleets are particularly stressful. Not only are there the usual factors to consider, like driver safety, administration and route optimisation, but also the health outcomes of patients.

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