APEX Automation

Machine learning, OCR & handwriting recognition document processing made easy

SolBox’s APEX Automation solution can save you significant time and money and take the headache out of manually processing documents

How does Apex Automation work?

Step 1: Scan & Import Invoices

Whether you receive your invoices as paper documents, faxes, PDF’s or image files, we’ve got you covered. Scan paper invoices directly or import PDF and image files straight into the APEX system.

Step 2: Data Capture

APEX reads the line data from your invoice based on AI Machine Learned training from many examples of what “invoices” look like. New, never before seen invoices are processed with ease: APEX intelligently identifies all invoice data based on what it knows about the structure of invoices, just like a person can recognise where to find the same information.

Step 3: Validation

APEX Automation checks the extracted data and validates line items including Purchase Order matching. Integration with popular accounting and ERP systems such as Xero, MYOB or Intuit helps validate items and vendors.

Step 4: Verification

If automatic data capture doesn’t satisfy the inbuilt requirements, the data field is highlighted so you can manually confirm it. The powerful AI engine learns and remembers your documents and specific rules forever.

Step 5: Approval Workflow & Data Export

Once extracted, invoice data is passed through your custom digital approval process, for authorisation then finally transferred to your ERP, or accounting system automatically.

APEX Automation

6 Powerful Features

APEX Automation

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APEX Automation

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APEX Automation

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